Ripstop Fabric

Grizzlyman Hunting Camo Clothes made with Ripstop fabric



✔ lightweight

✔ waterproof

✔ resistant to tearing and reaping

What is Ripstop?

Ripstop is a well-known, reliable fabric that is characterised by an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio as well as not allowing small tears to spread and ruin a piece of clothing. This is achieved by having raised squares in the fabric, which are made by interweaving reinforcement threads, to provide extra protection.

Who is it for?

Ripstop is a great choice for outdoor activities. Suitable for situations where you need to be able to move freely and times when you want to stay warm while standing still.

Whether you want to go fishing, hunting, or simply spend a day outside with your family, Ripstop is a great choice to make sure everything goes as planned and your fun is not ruined by some faulty clothing!

Where is it used?

Ripstop fabrics are used in yacht sails and spinnakers, hot air balloons, kites, parachutes, remote control hovercrafts, camping equipment such as lightweight tents and sleeping bags, swags, flags, banners, and other applications requiring a strong lightweight fabric. Ripstop reinforcement are incorporated into heavier fabrics requiring extreme durability, such as those used in Battle Dress Uniforms, Nomex protective clothing for firefighters and other workwear, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniforms, outdoor and sports clothing, backpacks, and luggage bags. Self-adhesive ripstop cloth repairs rips and tears in other fabrics. Ripstop nylon is also the primary material used in hot air balloons

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