Our Fabrics

At Grizzlyman, we use a variety of different high-quality fabrics to produce the best clothes and deliver an outstanding product to you. In the articles below, we summarised information about each fabric you can find on our website. Our fabrics: Ripstop Fabric Membrane Fabric Softshell Fabric Hardshell Fabric Alova Fabric Finland Fabric

Alova Fabric

Alova is a synthetic fabric that consists of knitted polyester material with a pore membrane on the inner side. Modern membrane type of the top layer ensures the fabric is waterproof and obtains good vapour permeability. Quick removal of fumes from the surface of the body to the outer side of the fabric and protection […]

Hardshell Fabric

Innovative hardshell material is a unique 3 in 1 technology. It is a very durable, wear-resistant fabric that protects against wind and rain, while remaining comfortable to wear, due to the high vapour permeability (breathing properties). Moisture and perspiration properties of modern Hardshell materials keep the body dry, but at the same time give your […]

Softshell Fabric

Softshell is a practical, soft to touch multilayer material. It is based on synthetic fibre.It is produced by applying a durable, wear-resistant external (facial)layer on a softer one, protecting it from heat loss. There is a membrane layer between them.The softness of the inner side is given by thin microfibres, which due to the expense […]

Membrane Fabric

Membrane fabrics have been used in the production of various kinds of clothes, including everyday clothes, for years. They have proven themselves as the best material for professional sportswear, tourism, fishing and hunting clothes in which comfort and mobility are so important. The membrane is either the thinnest film that is laminated to the top […]