About Us

About Us

Grizzlyman clothing reliably protects you from wind, cold, frost and moisture. It does not lose its protective properties and aesthetics for a long period of time, as well as after numerous washings and dry cleaning. Retains heat well and allows your skin to breathe. With a relatively small weight, it is characterised by high strength due to the use of fabrics with a special structure. It is distinguished by its versatility – many camouflage colours can be used in the city, in forest, mountainous or rugged terrain.

More about Grizzlyman

Grizzlyman design meets the requirements for comfortable usage.

To become our client you need to register on our web site and to place an order. The minimum wholesale order is £750 which is to be placed from the 1st to the 15th of each month. The order for more than £750 is eligible for 15% discount, over £3000 for 17% discount.

Furthermore, we guarantee that your order will be delivered to you within 2 weeks. On all matters related to wholesale, you may contact us on the phone number +44 7539 306119.

Message from the founder

There is nothing quite like escaping the horrors of a hectic city life to find peace in the astounding outdoors.

My products are made to make your experience in the scenic life of nature and the breathtaking smell of fresh air even more memorable.

I am Eren, the founder of Grizzlyman.
Grizzlyman is born out of my passion for the pristine outdoors and it gives me the opportunity to create an environment where I can pass my experience and love for outdoors to my customers through the products I meticulously design.

Your satisfaction is our priority so if you are anything but delighted with any of our products, I will always be here to address your concern, be it a refund or an exchange.